Thudawe Girls’ Child Development Center

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Thudawe Girls’ Child Development Center
Mada Para, Wadduwa

Tel: 038 2296222

This center was donated by the family members of the Thudawa Brothers’ Institute on 19th June, 1988.

This child development center is dedicated to provide residential facilities, education, nutrition, sanitation and health and also to provide patronage for about 50 girls who need assistance and direct them to become virtuous children.

This is administered by a Management Committee, appointed and managed under the full supervision of the National Council for Childcare of the All Ceylon Buddhist Federation.

Members of the Management Committee:
Hon. Chairman Jayakis Thudawa.
Hon. Vice Chairman Gayan Thudaawa.
Hon. Secretary Oliver Gunathilaka.
Hon. Treasurer Nihal Wasantha.