S. D. Alan Fernando Senior Citizens’ Home

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S. D. Alan Fernando Senior Citizens’ Home

Malwala Ratnapura (Male)
045 22299691

The donation of this premise was made by the wife of Mr. Allen Fernando in 1970, in memory of her husband. Situated in a beautiful valley in the Malwala village of Ratnapura District, this Senior Citizen’s Home has gained a reputation as a residence of senior citizens for nearly half a century. This house, which has the capacity for about 40 senior male citizens, currently accommodates 31 senior citizens.

This home is managed by a Board of Management appointed, under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman M. G. Siri Minuvangala
Hon. Secretary K. A. Aberathna
Hon. Treasurer R. B. Mahindapala

Medical clinics are conducted about 4 times a month and sick room are provided.

Number of residents 29
More than 85 years old residents 05
Average age More than 70
Number of residents in the sick room 03
Number of Medical Clinics held in 2018 04
Requirements for the future Roof Repairs
Resident of the maximum age 90
Name Mr. N.M. Podimahaththaya
Admission date 2015.02.01