Palatota Ananda Amarasinghe Buddhist Monastic Sanatorium

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Palatota Ananda Amarasinghe Buddhist MonasticSanatorium

Monastic Bhikkhu
Thekka watta, Palatota, Kalutara
034 2223823

An enormous service is being delivered for the elderly Buddhist bikkhus Ananda Amarasinghe of Palathota, situated near Kalutara town in the Kalutara District, Established in the year 1999, the administration of this monastery is governed by a Board of Management and Ven. Thekkawaththe Pangngananda holds the position of the Advisor.

The laypeople, who had realized the value of this institute, who are continuously working together in all matters related to four requisites of these bhikkus, should be commended for their valuable contributions.

This center is managed by a Board of Management appointed, under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman D. S. Hatangala
Hon. Secretary S. Nandana Srinath Fernando
Hon. Treasurer Ghanasiri Beruwalage