Muhandiram Amis and Emiliya Senior Citizens’ Home

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Muhandiram Amis and Emiliya Senior Citizens’ Home
(Female & Male)
Madala Junction, Yatipahuwa, Ellagawa
045 2265607

The Muhandiram Ames Emilia Chandrasekera Memorial Senior Citizens Home, which was added to the number of elder homes of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress in 2014, is the third home within the Ratnapura District. Both Senior Citizens female and mixed residents reside in this home and it can accommodate up to 30 persons. There are currently about 10 residents living in this premise. The home is located within a quiet environment at Madala Ellagawa, off Rathnapura-Panadura Road.

The Board of Governors has been very successful in the house for over two years, providing the residents with alms, medication and timely services. Almsgiving is donated by the residents of the area. Especially in the case of residential patients, a new ambulance has been built at a cost of Rs. 2 million. Other residents are also working on taking care of the facilities. Poya programs are implemented in every pot, and home gardening earns money from poisonous crop production and excess crop sales. It is to be remembered with gratitude that Chandrasekera’s family donated money and regular assistance to the house.

Managed by a Board of Governors appointed under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman T. D. W. Samaranayake
Hon. Secretary P. A. B. Yasarathna
Hon. Treasurer L. A. Somarathna

Number of residents 16
More than 85 years old residents 03
Average age More than 70
Number of residents in the sick room 03
Number of Medical Clinics held in 2018 01
Resident of the maximum age 91
Name Mrs. R.A. Premawathi