Mudalindu Amarasekara Senior Citizens’ Home Male / Female

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Mudalindu Amarasekara Senior Citizens’ Home Male / Female
Makandura, Atakalanpanna, Ratnapura

Mudliyar Patrick Louis Amarasekera established the Mudliyar Amarasekera Senior Citizens’ Home in 1988, in the house (Walavuva) owned by him. The name of this house has an historical significance, as this was the residence of Sir Francis Molamure, the first Sinhalese Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka during the colonial period of the British Empire. Later it was inherited by the ancestry of Mundalindu Amarasekera..

This home had become out of action since 1993, when after the death of Mundalindu Amarasekera, the manager who was administering this home, had attempted to get the ownership this property through a forged deed. After a trial held in courts, this house and its property were handed over to the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress. The renovation work of the Walawwa and the Elders’ Home is currently underway, and the Hon. President of the Congress is working together with the Board of Management, through taking steps to commence the functioning of this home without delay.

This is managed by a Board of Management appointed, under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman B. Jayasinghe
Hon. Secretary B. Jayasiri
Hon. Treasurer M. R. Somapala