Bandaranaike Memorial Senior Citizens’ Home (males)

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Bandaranaike Memorial Senior Citizens’ Home (males)

Indolamulla, Dompe
011 2536041

This Senior Citizen’s Home, which was established in 1965, was donated by the Retired Principal Mr. D. D. Dias. Established with one and a half acres of land and a building, this center is being improved with the construction of several new buildings. The present facilities can accommodate up to 40 resident adults and currently there are 25 resident adults.

This home consists of medical clinics, sick rooms, library facilities and many other facilities.

Managed by a Board of Management appointed, under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman R. A. A. Sumitharathna
Hon. Secretary S. W. D. I. Suriyapperuma
Treasurer Janaka Wickramaarachchi

Number of residents 29
More than 85 years old residents 01
Average age 70 / 80
Number of residents in the sick room 01
Number of Medical Clinics held in 2018 10
Requirements for the future
Resident of the maximum age 86
Name Mr. Hewawasam Thuduwage Gunasena
Admission date 2000/03/01
Duration of staying in the home 19 years