Baddegama Elderly Buddhist Monastic Sanatorium

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Baddegama Elderly Buddhist Monastic Sanatorium

Keembhi Ela, Baddegama
091 2292293

Blooming the minds of the entire Buddhists, the first ever Elderly Buddhist Monastic Sanatorium in Sri Lanka was established on 30th July, 1961, at the Baddegama Keebi Ela Sri Wijewardenaramaya, Baddegama. Based on the noble concept of Hon. Maithripala Senanayake, Minister of Social Services, optician Albert Edirisinghe, who was the President of the All Ceylon Buddhis Congress, commenced this sanatorium, under the guidance of Rev. Ganegama Saranankara, the Chief Sanghanayaka of the Galu Korala.

For over 55 years since the founding of the institute, Venerable Horangalle Hemasara Nayaka Thero, chief monk of Sri Wijayawardanaramaya, has maintained this in a very good condition through excellent administration. This institute provides a great service to the Buddhist clergy of Thunnikaya, who reach the twilight in their lives.

The valued dedicated services rendering by staff members of the organization and the members of the Board of Members should be gratefully appreciated by all.

This center is managed by a Board of Management appointed, under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman Priyankara Liyanage, Attorney-at-Law.
Hon. Secretary Samuwel Adihetti
Hon. Treasurer Mithrapala Panditharathna