66′ Resort Malabe (Female & Male)

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66′ Resort Malabe (Female & Male)
(Elders’ Home, which does not accept donations. A fee levying home)
No. 97, Mahengodella, Pittugala, Malabe
045 2265607

Donations are not accepted in cash or in items.
Malabe Senior Citizens Home, which was established in 1986 on a land donated by Mr. Jagath Sri Chandrasekara, can be introduced as a rapidly developing luxury home. Although initially known as the Senior Citizens Home, the management council has recently renamed it as the “66 + resort”, to harmonize with the present era. At present, we have a luxury house with all the international amenities and the proceeds from the event have contributed towards the activities of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Managed by a Board of Governors appointed under the full supervision of the National Social Services Council of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Board of Management
Hon. Chairman Nanda Kumara Migunthanna
Secretary Sunil Dipthi
Treasurer Ranil Wijegunavardhana

Number of residents 35
85 more residents 15
More than 85 years old residents More than 80
Number of residents in the sick room 04
Number of Medical Clinics held in 2018 24
Resident of the maximum age 103
Name Mrs. Eva Adlin De Silva
Duration of staying in the home 11 Years
Vacancies available for Residents Four rooms are empty.
(Only for Rs. 30,000/- rooms( per room)
Requirements for the future No.

Method of securing rooms
1. The documents must be submitted to prove that there is an income to pay.
2. Must be able to get own services done at the time of admission.
3. Women should be over 66 and men should be over 70.
4. Interviews for admissions are held on the third Sunday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Home. For this interview, person to be admitted and the guarantor / introducer must be present.