Adhishtana Pooja – for establishing protection of the Country and the Nation
It is clear that our Sri Lankan society, which is enriched by Buddhist culture and philosophy since ancient times and protected under the influence of Buddha dharma, is experiencing one of the most complicated and a crucial phase at present when compared to the history.
We have observed that, many other countries which came across such crisis, that tried to find the solutions through conflicting mentality, have fallen into tremendous danger during last few decades. Therefore we need to follow a different approach to find exemplary solutions in a more  wiser, calmer and a peaceful mindset with the help of the great discipline we obtained through the Buddhist practices. Therefore an insightful and a valuable guidance that includes six recommendations was proposed and announced by Ven. Chief Prelates, Malwathu and Asgiri recently.
All Ceylon Buddhist Congress is working hard to enforce this proposal with a positive effect, throughout the country.
Since this present crisis is stretched through the economic, political and social strata of the country, it has become a highly complicated issue. Therefore, for finding the solutions to this herculean task, needs to be carried out successfully and effectively, through our inborn spiritual insights and acquired merits collectively as practicing Buddhists. With the permission and blessings of Ven. Chief Prelates for this project, we have given this to Derana Media Unit for the media coverage.
 We request your support to socialize this Adhishtana Pooja and to conduct it continuously till the end of this difficult period of time , in the Buddhist temples all around the country and to educate people to continue it in their houses as a daily basis, to bring the people aware by organizing Buddha Pooja and Bodhi Pooja and socializing the timely need of Adhishtana Sathya Kriya.
May you have the Blessings of Triple Gem !