National Council for Investigation of National and Buddhist Affairs

The mandate is to stay alerted and in readiness, scrutinizing the environment including all forms of media – electronic, voice and paper and also organized events – on threats against Buddhist rights, against Theravada Buddhism and deliberate and intentional distortions of Buddhism. The Council takes the steps necessary to alleviate and prohibit where necessary, the unsanctioned conversions of Buddhists and protect Buddhism and the Sinhala culture within the Country.  The Council also takes immediate action where emergency situations threatening Buddhism are detected.

 Council Officers



Mr. D.R.L. Ranaweera

Address :

No. 111/2, Molpe Road,
Katubedda, Moratuwa

Contact Number :

071 859 2609

Vice - President



Mrs. Pani Wewala

Contact Number:

077 7803283


Mr. Bandula Kannangara

Address :

No. 66/59, Suhada Mawatha,
Wekada, Panadura

Contact Number :

071 859 2609
038 228 5134